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Unlike any show, SEMA truly is an experience for automotive enthusiasts. Held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, it is arguably the largest automotive gathering in the world, consisting of a global audience of traders showcasing their latest and greatest products, spectators, buyers and media reporting back to their hometown. One thing is common for all that attend, if your call yourself an auto buff, then you will be in heaven at SEMA!


The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. The 2012 event drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers, 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components as well as educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, and networking opportunities.

One of the stand out colours from this years show was the new 3M Designer Wraps Matte Metallic Blue, shown on this slammed 86 featuring a nice set of Rotiforms.

MotorEx’s past unveil “KAMARO” displayed well on the Meguiar’s stand.

The experts at 3M showing how the latest craze of vehicle wrapping is done featuring the new 1080 film.

Platinum Motorsport were out in force dominating the DUB stand with million dollar customised rides.

“El Rey” – 2 x “Lowrider of the Year” looking stunning in all its flawless detail.


sema_2012_001 sema_2012_002 sema_2012_003 sema_2012_004 sema_2012_005 sema_2012_006 sema_2012_007 sema_2012_008 sema_2012_009 sema_2012_010 sema_2012_011 sema_2012_012 sema_2012_013 sema_2012_014 sema_2012_015 sema_2012_016 sema_2012_017 sema_2012_018 sema_2012_019 sema_2012_020 sema_2012_021 sema_2012_022 sema_2012_023 sema_2012_024 sema_2012_025 sema_2012_026 sema_2012_027 sema_2012_028 sema_2012_029 sema_2012_030 sema_2012_031 sema_2012_032 sema_2012_033 sema_2012_034 sema_2012_035 sema_2012_036 sema_2012_037 sema_2012_038 sema_2012_039 sema_2012_040 sema_2012_041 sema_2012_042 sema_2012_043 sema_2012_044 sema_2012_045 sema_2012_046 sema_2012_047 sema_2012_048 sema_2012_049 sema_2012_050 sema_2012_051 sema_2012_052 sema_2012_053 sema_2012_054 sema_2012_055 sema_2012_056 sema_2012_057 sema_2012_058 sema_2012_059 sema_2012_060 sema_2012_061 sema_2012_062 sema_2012_063 sema_2012_064 sema_2012_065 sema_2012_066 sema_2012_067 sema_2012_068 sema_2012_069 sema_2012_070 sema_2012_071 sema_2012_072 sema_2012_073 sema_2012_074 sema_2012_075 sema_2012_076 sema_2012_077 sema_2012_078 sema_2012_079 sema_2012_080 sema_2012_081 sema_2012_082 sema_2012_083 sema_2012_084 sema_2012_085 sema_2012_086 sema_2012_087 sema_2012_088 sema_2012_089 sema_2012_090 sema_2012_091 sema_2012_092 sema_2012_093 sema_2012_094 sema_2012_095 sema_2012_096 sema_2012_097 sema_2012_098 sema_2012_099 sema_2012_100 sema_2012_101 sema_2012_102 sema_2012_103 sema_2012_104 sema_2012_105 sema_2012_106 sema_2012_107 sema_2012_108 sema_2012_109 sema_2012_110 sema_2012_111 sema_2012_112 sema_2012_113 sema_2012_114 sema_2012_115 sema_2012_116 sema_2012_117 sema_2012_118 sema_2012_119 sema_2012_120 sema_2012_121 sema_2012_122 sema_2012_123 sema_2012_124 sema_2012_125 sema_2012_126 sema_2012_127 sema_2012_128 sema_2012_129 sema_2012_130 sema_2012_131 sema_2012_132 sema_2012_133 sema_2012_134 sema_2012_135 sema_2012_136 sema_2012_137 sema_2012_138 sema_2012_139 sema_2012_140 sema_2012_141 sema_2012_142 sema_2012_143 sema_2012_144 sema_2012_145 sema_2012_146 sema_2012_147 sema_2012_148 sema_2012_149 sema_2012_150 sema_2012_151 sema_2012_152 sema_2012_153 sema_2012_154 sema_2012_156 sema_2012_157 sema_2012_158 sema_2012_159 sema_2012_160 sema_2012_161 sema_2012_162 sema_2012_163 sema_2012_164 sema_2012_165 sema_2012_166

Posted on 30 November 2012 | 5:20 pm

Australian International Motor Show

FreeStyle Rides were invited to the preview day to see the 27 brands exhibiting their current, future and concept vehicles.

It has been two years since we have had the pleasure to attend the Motorshow since the move to have it alternate between Sydney and Melbourne each year. So, like all things that you are forced to wait for, you attend with great expectations in which you hope to be delivered and this years show has done that.


It was no shock that we would see some amazing concept cars, however the Lexus LF-LC Hybrid concept was simply stunning and took the cake! Definitely a highlight at the show, yet it was disappointing to not see any of the Lexus range, in particular the new GS AND LS models.


The most expensive car in the show was the Aston Martin ONE-77, which apart from having 2 full time security guards babysitting it, the amazing machine displayed superbly and really showcased exactly why Aston Martin are one of the leading manufacturers creating motoring art forms. With only 77 ever made, hence the name One-77, this privately owned example has a price tag of $2.5 million.


Mick Fabar’s ZERO’D XR Falcon, that was unveiled at this years Meguiar’s MotorEx even made a special appearance.


And finally, to the car that still has us talking, the car that stole the show, Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento! Apart from making its big brother, the Aventador look rather tame parked beside it, this full carbon fibre beauty weighs a mere 999kgs and packs an impressive V1O engine resulting in 570 horsepower with 0-100km/h in just 2.6 seconds and top speed of 350km/h. With just 25 made in the world and a price tag in excess for $2 million, this car is not for the faint hearted!



2012_australian_international_motorshow_01 2012_australian_international_motorshow_02 2012_australian_international_motorshow_03 2012_australian_international_motorshow_04 2012_australian_international_motorshow_05 2012_australian_international_motorshow_06 2012_australian_international_motorshow_07 2012_australian_international_motorshow_08 2012_australian_international_motorshow_09 2012_australian_international_motorshow_10 2012_australian_international_motorshow_11 2012_australian_international_motorshow_12 2012_australian_international_motorshow_13 2012_australian_international_motorshow_14 2012_australian_international_motorshow_15 2012_australian_international_motorshow_16 2012_australian_international_motorshow_17 2012_australian_international_motorshow_18 2012_australian_international_motorshow_19 2012_australian_international_motorshow_20 2012_australian_international_motorshow_21 2012_australian_international_motorshow_22 2012_australian_international_motorshow_23 2012_australian_international_motorshow_24 2012_australian_international_motorshow_25 2012_australian_international_motorshow_26 2012_australian_international_motorshow_27 2012_australian_international_motorshow_28 2012_australian_international_motorshow_29 2012_australian_international_motorshow_30 2012_australian_international_motorshow_31 2012_australian_international_motorshow_32 2012_australian_international_motorshow_33 2012_australian_international_motorshow_34

Posted on 19 October 2012 | 4:56 pm

Steve Nogas’ Killa-B Camaro

Always a hive of automotive activity, MotorEx 2012 was abuzz with the unveiling of KILLA-B, a deadly Chevrolet Camaro with a serious sting in its tail. “The name we decided on was KILLA-B – Bumblebee’s evil brother”, explained owner Steve Nogas. Drawing obvious inspiration from the Transformers movies, this homicidal Camaro blurs the lines between Autobots and Decepticons. In the battle of good versus evil, never has it been this hard to pick a side.


“We chose a new Camaro because it hadn’t been done before and we just wanted to build something different in the burnout scene – to take the car to the next level”, Steve said. So, where his peers were running big blocks, 14-7-1 superchargers and 22-inch wheels, Steve’s tyre-shredding smoke machine boasts a bad-ass 16-7-1 atop 632 very macho cubic inches and spins on massive 24s.




The 2010-model Chevrolet Camaro was purchased from Manheim Auctions in the good ol’ US of A – in the city of Milwaukee, to be precise. Steve was fortunate to be assisted in the process by the team at Motor Cars International, who import, convert and supply American and European vehicles for the Australian market.



“The reason we converted the car to right-hand drive was I didn’t want people to think that we just bought it from the USA”, Steve clarified. The metamorphosis from worker bee to killer bee took about 18 months and although Steve never wanted to quit at any stage, he admits it was frustrating at times because it just wasn’t happening fast enough. “My sons Josh and Ben, as well as my nephew Brad, were great”, he said, “And my wife Anita has been supportive, but I’m glad she doesn’t know how much I’ve spent on it”.


It’s been money well spent, according to the response from punters and pundits alike – “People think it is great and love the look that we went for”. KILLA-B was officially unveiled to the performance-loving public at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2012. “We were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by Owen Webb to debut the car at MotorEx. The show sets a high standard for cars, so it was an honour. Set back-to-back with Gary Myers’ new Mustang, we got to showcase where burnout cars are at”, Steve enthused, “It was a great thrill to see the reactions – there was also a lot of great feedback from talking to people”.

“We were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… to debut the car at MotorEx.
The show sets a high standard for cars, so it was an honour”


When it was decided that KILLA-B was going to be unleashed at MotorEx, Steve admits it was difficult to try and keep it a secret. So, not long before the show, he and his collaborators decided to change tack. You see, people that knew about the build were expecting a yellow Camaro with black stripes, so Steve flipped the script, changing the car to matte black with yellow gloss stripes. However, it wasn’t a simple case of a new paintjob – “We wrapped the car to do something different”. Owen Webb and MotorActive came to the party supplying the 3M Designer Wraps — black from the Matte Series, to be specific — while Matt Czemy at Vinyl Wraps & Graphics lent his expertise to the application.


Menacing in matte black, this automotive assassin strikes a stinging blow too, with an estimated 1750Hp and fuel economy of “80-100 litres per skid”. Steve, comfortable in his masculinity, openly admitted, “As for a quarter-mile time, I won’t be racing it – I’m too scared to drag it!” What he will be doing, however, is smoking it up: “We want to go to burnout comps all around the country”.


Krystal Clear!
Steve, along with his wife and two sons, operate the family business – Krystal Limousines. “We started seven years ago and had the first stretched Hummer in Australia”, he said. At the time of writing, the business offered Hummer limos, Chrysler 300Cs (including a stretched version), a new E Class Mercedes limo, a 2006 convertible Mustang, a 2011 convertible Camaro and a 2007 Corvette Z06. They’re all available to hire for weddings, formals, corporate events and more. For further info, have a sneaky peek here at: Krystal Limosines


OWNER: Steve Nogas
VEHICLE: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
ENGINE:  Merlin III 632ci block; custom cast alloy inlet manifold; Littlefield supercharger (16-7-1); JBR carbon fibre injector hat; Pro-Filer cylinder heads; custom roller camshaft; Crower Hippo lifters; JE pistons; Total Seal piston rings; Callies crankshaft; Calico bearings; Oliver conrods; Manton pushrods; PAC valve springs; 2.3 intake and 1.9 exhaust valves; Peterson 5 Stage oil pump; Aviaid dry sump; Enderle 990 fuel pump; custom D&D triple flow alloy radiator; four-into-one (2.5-inch primaries) exhaust; MSD Pro Mag 12 ignition
TRANSMISSION: Dedenbear two-speed Powerglide; Street Car Fabrications diff; one-piece chrome moly tailshaft; TCE 2000rpm stall converter
SUSPENSION: AccuAir self-levelling airbag suspension; MacPherson struts (front); four-bar suspension (rear); R&P power steering (right-hand drive conversion)
BRAKES: Brembo discs and callipers; Chev (front) and Ford (rear) stud pattern; standard PBR brake master cylinder
WHEELS: Boyd Coddington Spectrum (22×8.5-inch front and 24×14-inch rear) wheels with Hankook Ventus 265/35/22 and Pirelli P Zero 405/25/24 tyres
PAINT & BODY: 3M Designer Wraps 1080 Series (matte black)
INTERIOR: Re-trimmed in buffalo hide leather and tailor-fitted black carpet; remoulded factory seats; custom leather-wrapped steering wheel; full roll cage (padded and hand-stitched leather); Racepak data logger; B&M Pro Bandit shifter; Simpson four-point harness.
THANK YOU: Joe and Rocco at Motor Cars International; Brett at BNR Engines; The Phantom Fabricators; Gordon McCammon at Hoppers Crossing Smash Repairs for the panel work; Carmine at Carafano Motor Trimmers; Matt at Vinyl Wraps & Graphics; Luke at Performance Auto Electric; John at Advanced Magnetos; Alan at Blitz Custom Exhaust; Chris and Dave at Pimp Daddy Suspension; MotorActive, Liqui-Moly, 3M and Meguiar’s; Damien at Phat Droppers; Andrew at Werribee Brake and Clutch; Wayne at Diver Consolidated Industries; Craig at Street Car Fabrications; Tony at Ultra Performance Components; Special thanks to my wife Anita, Josh, Ben and Brad, and everyone who has contributed to the build of KILLA-B.
Before his current weapon of choice, the KILLA-B Camaro, Steve pedalled a smokin’ Gemini — appropriately named NUKINFUTS — that got him into a spot of bother at Summernats. In fact, he’s the first person to ever receive a lifetime ban from the iconic car show (although that ban has since been reduced to one year). It’s all rather ironic because Steve’s a really cool dude and this was totally out of character for him. “Hmmm, the Summernats incident… Well, it would need lots of time to go through it all, but I got disqualified for something I didn’t do and was told to go home”, he explained, “I was not satisfied with the decision, so the YouTube video explains what then happened”. Go on then, check it out – you know you want to!

Posted on 14 September 2012 | 10:34 am

Estevan Oriol x Nevena Tepic












Photographer: Estevan Oriol
Model: Nevena Tepic

Posted on 21 March 2012 | 5:00 pm

Lowrider Summer Showdown

After the success of the 2011 Lowrider Showdown that was organized by Daz from Six Four Customs in Sydney Australia, we knew this years show was going to be big! The weather was perfect, which is a very unpredictable thing around this time of year in Sydney with it raining almost every day without fail, but that didn’t stop everyone bringing out their rides to Harry’s Café de wheels.


FreeStyle Rides went to check out this top show that supports the local lowrider scene and shows off what the Australian lowrider has to offer. Be sure to also check the cool video put together by The Tith Brothers.

Very clean Lincoln Continental.

The cavalcade of Impalas.

Old Memories Australia.



lowrider_showdown_001 lowrider_showdown_002 lowrider_showdown_003 lowrider_showdown_004 lowrider_showdown_005 lowrider_showdown_006 lowrider_showdown_007 lowrider_showdown_008 lowrider_showdown_009 lowrider_showdown_010 lowrider_showdown_011 lowrider_showdown_012 lowrider_showdown_013 lowrider_showdown_014 lowrider_showdown_015 lowrider_showdown_016 lowrider_showdown_017 lowrider_showdown_018 lowrider_showdown_019 lowrider_showdown_020 lowrider_showdown_021 lowrider_showdown_022 lowrider_showdown_023 lowrider_showdown_024 lowrider_showdown_025 lowrider_showdown_026 lowrider_showdown_027 lowrider_showdown_028 lowrider_showdown_029 lowrider_showdown_030 lowrider_showdown_031 lowrider_showdown_032 lowrider_showdown_033 lowrider_showdown_034 lowrider_showdown_035 lowrider_showdown_036 lowrider_showdown_037 lowrider_showdown_038

Posted on 12 March 2012 | 8:25 am

Summernats 25


For people that have never had the opportunity to witness Summernats, it can only be described as the “Woodstock” for the hardcore muscle car community. Being a 4 day event, with close to 90,000 fanatic spectators and over 1,500 entrants that travel from all over the country, with onsite camping facilities, live bands every night, show cars, cruising, burnouts, the list goes on and resembles much more than simply a cruise, drag meet or even car show. It’s a street machine festival to say the least and as celebrity hot rod builder Charlie Hutton says, “There is nothing else like this anywhere in the world!”

Known to the community as Australia’s biggest horsepower party, Summernats 25 was no exception with record entrant numbers and also matching the record attendance set 15 years ago at Summernats 10. The genuine Aussie icon has reached its Chrome Jubilee, a celebration of the automotive industry and what it represents is a testament to all involved.

As usual, the Meguiar’s judging pavilion was filled with the Top 60 from the event. It was a tough job for the judging team with such a high level of amazing show cars. With the premier award up for grabs it was down to the driving events to announce the “Summernats 25 Grand Champion”. The score board was extremely close and only came down to single points to proclaim a winner. Ben Sargent with is 1971 HQ Holden Monaro became part of Summernats history and was awarded the prestigious award.

Danny Makdessi’s Valiant being part of the Meguiar’s Great Uncover at Summernats 25.

Past FreeStyle Rides feature car “PSYCHO” won the impressive “Top Judged Elite”.

Ben Sargent with is 1971 HQ Holden Monaro won this years Grand Champion.

Don Elphick with his “ON BOC” 1971 XY Ford Falcon was this years Liqui-Moly National Burnout Master.

Aaron Mackley and his “VANTSY” at the Liqui-Moly Burnout Pit

Gary Myers and his purple smoke

Steve Nogas with his “NUCKINFUTS” Gemini and the controversial burnout

Jodie’s “CHOPPT” Aussie classic HQ Monaro was part of the Meguiar’s Great Uncover at Summernats 25.

Welcome to Tuff Street

Check out the rest of the gallery to see what this FIAT was squeezing under the bonnet.



summernats_25_001 summernats_25_002 summernats_25_003 summernats_25_004 summernats_25_005 summernats_25_006 summernats_25_007 summernats_25_008 summernats_25_009 summernats_25_010 summernats_25_011 summernats_25_012 summernats_25_013 summernats_25_014 summernats_25_015 summernats_25_016 summernats_25_017 summernats_25_018 summernats_25_019 summernats_25_020 summernats_25_021 summernats_25_022 summernats_25_023 summernats_25_024 summernats_25_025 summernats_25_026 summernats_25_027 summernats_25_029 summernats_25_030 summernats_25_031 summernats_25_032 summernats_25_033 summernats_25_034 summernats_25_035 summernats_25_036 summernats_25_037 summernats_25_038 summernats_25_039 summernats_25_040 summernats_25_041 summernats_25_042 summernats_25_043 summernats_25_044 summernats_25_045 summernats_25_046 summernats_25_047 summernats_25_048 summernats_25_049 summernats_25_050 summernats_25_051 summernats_25_052 summernats_25_053 summernats_25_054 summernats_25_055 summernats_25_056 summernats_25_057 summernats_25_058 summernats_25_059 summernats_25_060 summernats_25_061 summernats_25_062 summernats_25_063 summernats_25_064 summernats_25_065 summernats_25_066 summernats_25_067 summernats_25_068 summernats_25_069 summernats_25_070 summernats_25_071 summernats_25_072 summernats_25_073 summernats_25_074 summernats_25_075 summernats_25_076 summernats_25_077 summernats_25_078 summernats_25_079 summernats_25_080 summernats_25_081 summernats_25_082 summernats_25_083 summernats_25_084 summernats_25_085 summernats_25_086 summernats_25_087 summernats_25_088 summernats_25_089 summernats_25_090 summernats_25_091 summernats_25_092 summernats_25_093 summernats_25_094 summernats_25_095 summernats_25_096 summernats_25_097 summernats_25_098 summernats_25_099 summernats_25_100 summernats_25_101 summernats_25_102 summernats_25_103 summernats_25_104 summernats_25_105 summernats_25_106 summernats_25_107 summernats_25_108 summernats_25_109 summernats_25_110 summernats_25_111 summernats_25_112 summernats_25_113 summernats_25_114 summernats_25_115 summernats_25_116 summernats_25_117 summernats_25_118 summernats_25_119 summernats_25_120 summernats_25_121 summernats_25_122 summernats_25_123 summernats_25_124 summernats_25_125 summernats_25_126 summernats_25_127 summernats_25_128 summernats_25_129 summernats_25_130 summernats_25_131 summernats_25_132 summernats_25_133 summernats_25_134 summernats_25_136 summernats_25_137 summernats_25_138 summernats_25_139 summernats_25_140 summernats_25_141 summernats_25_142 summernats_25_143 summernats_25_144 summernats_25_145 summernats_25_146 summernats_25_147 summernats_25_148 summernats_25_149 summernats_25_150 summernats_25_151 summernats_25_152 summernats_25_153 summernats_25_154 summernats_25_155 summernats_25_156 summernats_25_157 summernats_25_158 summernats_25_159 summernats_25_160 summernats_25_161 summernats_25_162 summernats_25_163 summernats_25_164 summernats_25_165 summernats_25_166 summernats_25_167 summernats_25_168 summernats_25_169 summernats_25_170 summernats_25_171 summernats_25_172 summernats_25_173 summernats_25_174 summernats_25_175 summernats_25_176 summernats_25_177 summernats_25_178 summernats_25_179 summernats_25_180 summernats_25_181 summernats_25_182 summernats_25_183 summernats_25_184 summernats_25_185 summernats_25_186 summernats_25_187 summernats_25_188 summernats_25_189 summernats_25_190 summernats_25_191 summernats_25_192 summernats_25_193 summernats_25_194


Posted on 17 January 2012 | 5:06 pm

Tokyo Motor Show


With 179 exhibitors from 12 countries spread over 35,000 square meters, the stage was set for the 42nd annual Tokyo Motor Show. Despite the major drop in the Japanese automobile manufacturing industry due to the devastating earthquake that struck in March earlier this year, the event went on with impressive numbers reaching over 842,000 people through the doors over the 11 days.

As we unfortunately missed the media day, due to being in Yokohama for the Hot Rod Custom Show, we rolled in on the Tuesday; little did we know there was another 65,000 people that had the same idea. In the swarm of people we wondered the halls we amazement of concept cars, Asia specific releases and the extra level manufacturers go to at this show with their displays.

An enjoyable show with plenty of passion felt from the local automotive industry. I look forward to seeing some of these concept cars on the road one day, plus more of what Japan has to offer in the near future, as this show highlighted exactly how great they are at what they do.

The grand entrance.

The satin blue finish on the Audi R8 GT was very impressive!

Strange but cool. The Kombi 2-tone is back in this Volkswagen concept.

The Honda CRZ had plenty of attention.

From all the concepts and new releases on display including the new Hayabusa, we were a little concerned with Dals pick of the show!

Honda’s striking concept cars and in particular the Sports EV was my pick from the show. What resembled the late CRX Del Sol shape; it had great design features and overall stance.


tokyo_motor_show_001 tokyo_motor_show_002 tokyo_motor_show_003 tokyo_motor_show_004 tokyo_motor_show_005 tokyo_motor_show_006 tokyo_motor_show_007 tokyo_motor_show_008 tokyo_motor_show_009 tokyo_motor_show_010 tokyo_motor_show_011 tokyo_motor_show_012 tokyo_motor_show_013 tokyo_motor_show_014 tokyo_motor_show_015 tokyo_motor_show_016 tokyo_motor_show_017 tokyo_motor_show_018 tokyo_motor_show_019 tokyo_motor_show_020 tokyo_motor_show_021 tokyo_motor_show_022 tokyo_motor_show_023 tokyo_motor_show_024 tokyo_motor_show_025 tokyo_motor_show_026 tokyo_motor_show_027 tokyo_motor_show_028 tokyo_motor_show_029 tokyo_motor_show_030 tokyo_motor_show_031 tokyo_motor_show_032 tokyo_motor_show_033 tokyo_motor_show_034 tokyo_motor_show_035 tokyo_motor_show_036 tokyo_motor_show_037 tokyo_motor_show_038 tokyo_motor_show_039 tokyo_motor_show_040 tokyo_motor_show_041 tokyo_motor_show_042 tokyo_motor_show_043 tokyo_motor_show_044 tokyo_motor_show_045 tokyo_motor_show_046 tokyo_motor_show_047 tokyo_motor_show_048 tokyo_motor_show_049

Posted on 23 December 2011 | 4:14 pm

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show


Our first visit to the land of the rising sun was an eye opener from the second we landed. For a city with a population of over 12 million people, Tokyo ran surprisingly well and to order. For a country so advanced we were amped to see what was in stall for us, especially when Japan isn’t commonly known for their hot rod and custom car scene. One of Australia’s air brush and pin striping pioneers; Mat Egan, met us there to see the best that Japan has to offer.
Now in its 20th year, the HRCS is truly a one of a kind event. Held in Yokohama, about an hour train ride from Tokyo became the stomping grounds for the countries largest and most respected custom car and bike show. Surprisingly the event of this size, which is typically referred to as “Yokohama Mooneyes” is only on for the 1 day and draws in excess of 20,000 people from all sides of the globe.
As we first entered we were welcomed by the guest list of international builders including Pete Chapouris from the So Cal Speed Shop, custom paint extraordinaire Gene Winfield, the Bean Bandits race team, and a lineup of US, Canadian and Australia Bikes builders. The venue was called the Pacifico, which had about 30,000 square metres of floor space split between the custom bikes and cars. 
In the mix were a custom Helmet painting competition, Rat Rod Island, automotive art display and pin-strippers, a Hot Wheels exhibition, and enough trade stalls to send you broke. With the cars lined up like soldiers, we walked up and down the aisles gob smacked by the quality of work and ideas being produced out of this humble country. Lowriders, Bombs, Customs, Japanese Muscle cars, Hotrods and Ratrods, Minitrucks, Choppers and Bobbers had all congregated to celebrate the Japanese custom automotive industry. 
We attended two events including the LoCal47 Lowrider Connection party with all the Japanese clubs present, and the Mooneyes after party held at their café and shop. 
To say this was an experience would be an understatement, and we now look forward to the 2012 show.

The view from our hotel.

The entrance.

Plenty of action inside and outside the show.

Over 20,000 people attended the one day show.

Mat Egans pick at this show was this satin blue ’62 Impala “Next Movie” because of it paint combination, stance and custom lights.

The hours spent on paintjobs like this are just crazy.


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Posted on 15 December 2011 | 4:54 pm

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